Thursday, February 28, 2013


As an architect I can visualize projects before they are built so this gives me an expectation of the outcome long before client can see it. In many cases the outcome meets my expectation but at this project in Avoca where the Kitchen was demolished and rebuilt my expectations were far exceeded. It is truly delightful and I think we had the dream team of client and builder to thank, as much as myself. The delightful oak trusses were finished with a simple bees wax finish. The indirect lighting by Willie Duggan perfectly compliments the mood and makes the entire space very restful. My last meeting went on for a while because...I simply didn't want to leave the space (and the company)!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


If ever you are looking for an expert carpenter and builder in Wicklow you could do a lot worse than talk to Mick Murphy who is completing this new Kitchen wing I designed. He expertly made the oak trusses you see on this photo as well as acted as main contractor. The Kitchen represents a traditional style we sometimes do and in the case of this particular house it fits right in. I am looking forward to seeing the completed kitchen in  a few weeks, especially because the client makes the most divine coffee! I would also like to mention that the bay window area in this photo is not as low as it seems, the plasterer is on stilts! The Kitchen is complimented by a rear entrance lobby, utility space, garage with indoor access (from utility) and both east and west side terraces. A new car turning area was created at the front of the house so that the entire rear tarmac area could be re-landscaped as a garden, directly outside the west facing bay window. We look forward to seeing on this project the discreet uplighting system which is being provided by Willie Duggan Lighting in Kilkenny.