Thursday, February 17, 2011


1 The building industry in Ireland is highly unregulated. You need guidance through the minefield.
2 Architects are independent of builders. i.e. no kickbacks
3 Architects are qualified following minimum 5 years full time third level and 2 years post graduate. Title "Architect" is now legally protected
4 They are insured and operate under a code of professional conduct.
5 Their design skills optimize construction spend. Lateral thinking is often applied to give unexpected good results.
6 ...and add a wow factor without breaking the bank.
7 Architects administer fair building contracts fairly.
8 They protect and optimize your biggest investment. Too many people enter big projects with poor design and poor agreements and no architect or contract administrator.
9 They guide you through the maze of planning and building regulations. Violation of these codes puts your investment value at risk.
10 For a fraction of the overall construction budget they represent excellent value.
Contact Anthony at ABA Architects on 01-6683519 to discuss your project. In the current climate good advice is more essential than ever.