Monday, September 10, 2012


When, as an architect, I walk on site and see the side of a house taken out (as planned) you would normally detect a faint smile on my face. I love the cut and thrust of the building process as I am always looking ahead to the final result when the altered or extended property is completed, looking well and enjoyed by the client.
But what does the client think at this shocking appearance? Probably a feeling of terror and anxiety and a strong feeling of  "Have I done the right thing?". This of course is their dear house, their castle, their private domain and it's half demolished!  Also it is normally the first time they have had such  an invasion on their life. Perhaps I should hide that smile a little more in future but the one thing I won't do (and don't need to thank God) is share their deep felt anxieties.
As an architect I put trust in the builder, the chap who is actually doing the work, and this explains why at the first or second meeting I have with the client I explain to them that I reserve the right to not work with certain contractors, those being the ones I have neither worked with before nor can get good professional references for.
We can never be in complete control of every process but we sure can avoid obvious errors and lack of judgements. The picture is of a Terenure project in Rathdown that scary stage.

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